2015 Galveston County Lincoln Dinner

The Honorable John Culberson, Texas CD-7, will be the keynote Speaker at the 2015 Galveston County Lincoln Dinner.

Slated for February 7, 2015 at South Shore Harbour Resort, the Dinner honors the nation's 14th President and first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. The event is the GCRP's annual fundraiser.

"Congressman Culberson has a plan to help restore vital NASA programs and funding which is critical to the Clear Lake area and the entire Country", said GCRP Chairman Barbara Meeks.

"We NASA to thank for so many modern conveniences: cell phones, microwave ovens, remote controls and lasers to name a few", said Texas Congressman Randy Weber CD14.

The event is open to the public and ticket information can be found by clicking here.