Welcome to the Galveston County GOP

The Republican Party in Galveston County has truly “come a long way baby”!

For many decades, volunteers have helped Republican Candidates discretely working from behind the scenes. By the 1990’s, more volunteers worked with a modicum of success for Republican Candidates in Galveston County. Finally in 2010, Republican Candidates won decisive victories in every race and history was made in Galveston County.

In 2012, the Republican Party held onto incumbent seats and picked up additional seats.

Like most families the GCRP had to address a few major issues, but the rest of the Republican Freshman Class of 2010 has done a good job. Your Republican elected officials have worked diligently to prove themselves to be true conservatives. They have worked together to reduce spending and lower your County’s tax rate.

If you disagree with or have an issue with an elected official, I encourage you to pick up the telephone and call him/her to discuss your differences. No one will ever agree with someone else all the time. The best way to get an answer to your question is to ask.

In anticipation of the 2014 Elections, the Galveston County Republican Party is evolving with adjustments and modifications to processes being made to better serve the needs of our vastly growing party. It is indeed an exciting time to be a Republican in Galveston County!

The first and most exciting news is that the Republican Party has relocated its Headquarters to a more central location in Texas City. You will find us at 600 Gulf Freeway, Suite 103 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm.

Once again, the GCRP will host the popular Campaign Expo that will feature “one stop shopping” for candidates as they prepare for the March 4th Primary. Let me add that there are many well qualified candidates who will be vying for open seats in the Primary.

Republican Candidates will continue to benefit from the Candidate Review Committee (CRC) which in previous years was designed to help groom candidates and prepare them as they challenged democrat candidates in the election. Members of the CRC have been serving for years – since well before I was elected County Chair. They understand the demands of campaigns; some have been key figures in campaigns and some have experienced victories as well as losses. CRC members operate independently of the Executive Committee and I am not a member of the committee.

With a Republican majority and contested Primaries, it makes sense that the scope of the CRC should evolve. For example, the CRC may want to implement procedures from other neighboring counties to include publishing information provided by the candidates in a Primary Voters’ Guide that is mailed to Republican and independent households. Some counties conduct personal background investigations using information provided by candidates who participate in the process. Candidates cannot be prevented from running however members of the CRC may try to discourage them from running for office.

Members of the GCRP Candidate Review Committee approach their task with the utmost honesty and integrity. I have complete confidence that they will formulate the best decisions to help Galveston County Republican voters in making a well-educated vote in the March 4th Primary.

Educated voters will help the Republican Party thrive in Galveston County and that is our goal.

Barbara Meeks, Chairman